Benefits of Using a Vertical Cuttings Dryer in Drilling Operations

Drilling operations generate substantial amounts of drilling cuttings, which contain valuable drilling fluids that can be recovered and reused. The efficient management of drilling waste is essential for environmental compliance, cost reduction, and operational efficiency. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using a vertical cuttings dryer in drilling operations and its positive impact on waste management.

1, Enhanced Fluid Recovery:

One of the key advantages of utilizing a vertical cuttings dryer is the significant enhancement in fluid recovery. The dryer employs a high-speed centrifugal force to separate drilling fluids from the cuttings, reducing the moisture content to a minimum. As a result, a substantial amount of valuable drilling fluid is recovered, which can be recycled back into the drilling process. This leads to cost savings by reducing the need for fresh drilling fluid and minimizing waste disposal.

2, Reduced Environmental Impact:

Drilling operations generate drilling waste that must be properly managed to mitigate environmental impact. The vertical cuttings dryer plays a crucial role in reducing this impact. By efficiently removing drilling fluids from the cuttings, the dryer facilitates the handling and disposal of the drier cuttings. This helps to minimize the volume of waste generated and reduces the potential for fluid contamination of soil and water sources. Implementing a cuttings dryer in drilling operations demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance.

3, Improved Health and Safety:

Handling and managing wet drilling cuttings can pose health and safety risks for workers. Wet cuttings are heavy, slippery, and may contain hazardous substances. By utilizing a vertical cuttings dryer, the moisture content of the cuttings is significantly reduced, making them lighter and safer to handle. Drier cuttings are less likely to cause accidents, slips, or falls, leading to improved overall safety conditions on drilling sites.

4, Enhanced Operational Efficiency:

Integrating a vertical cuttings dryer into drilling operations brings notable improvements in operational efficiency. The reduction in moisture content of the cuttings allows for faster and more effective disposal or further processing. Drier cuttings are easier to transport, leading to smoother logistics and reduced transportation costs. The improved efficiency also extends to the drilling process itself, as the recovered drilling fluid can be reused, resulting in more stable drilling conditions and optimized performance.

5, Regulatory Compliance:

Stringent regulations govern drilling waste management, particularly regarding the discharge of drilling fluids into the environment. Utilizing a vertical cuttings dryer aids in meeting these regulatory requirements by effectively separating the drilling fluids from the cuttings. The dryer ensures compliance with environmental standards and facilitates the proper disposal of the drier cuttings, minimizing the risk of non-compliance penalties and associated legal issues.

6, Cost Savings:

Implementing a vertical cuttings dryer can yield significant cost savings for drilling operations. The enhanced fluid recovery reduces the need for new drilling fluid purchases, resulting in reduced operational expenses. Additionally, the reduced waste volume and improved logistics minimize transportation costs and waste disposal fees. By optimizing drilling waste management, the overall operational costs can be significantly lowered.

The utilization of a vertical cuttings dryer in drilling operations brings numerous benefits, including enhanced fluid recovery, reduced environmental impact, improved health and safety, increased operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and cost savings. The effective separation of drilling fluids from cuttings results in recovered fluids that can be recycled, leading to resource conservation and improved sustainability. By adopting this advanced technology, drilling operations can achieve efficient waste management, mitigate environmental risks, and optimize their overall performance.

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The function of drilling mud solids control system

Drilling mud solids control system is an important equipment for storing, distributing, circulating and purifying drilling fluid. Generally the drilling mud solids control system include drilling fluid tank, shale shaker, degasser, desander, mud cleaner, centrifuge and other necessary five purification equipment and overhead line, drilling pump suction pipe, mixed pump suction and discharge pipe, water pipe, drilling pipe, tubing, medium voltage gun drilling fluid, shear pump suction and discharge line, tank bottom pipe road, discharge pipe and other pipe lines.

drilling mud solids control system
drilling mud solids control system

Drilling mud solids control system is also equipped with drilling fluid replenishment device, weighted funnel, weighted pump, desander pump, desilting pump, shear pump, replenishment pump, base oil pump, agitator and other auxiliary equipment. In addition, there are also walkways, ladders, railings and other safety protection devices. It can effectively remove harmful solid phase in drilling fluid, retain useful solid phase, and provide good drilling fluid for drilling operations.

Focusing on solid control industry and drilling waste management, KOSUN has accumulated rich technical experience. Centrifuges and other products have been continuously extended to other industries such as food and environmental protection. With advanced technology, We focus on producing and developing equipment and technology suitable for various industries.

KOSUN- China Solids Control Leader&Drilling Waste Management Expert
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Oil Drilling Waste Management Company and equipment

With the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements, the major oil fields are faced with the problem of oil drilling waste management. KOSUN, Oil Drilling Waste Management Company, are searching drilling waste management and disposal methods for 25 years,  manufacturing quality drilling cuttings waste management system and serving the clients around the world.

Oil Drilling Waste Management equipment- Vertical Cuttings Dryer:

KOSUN vertical cuttings dryer for oil-based mud, by centrifugal separation principle, can effectively recover the cuttings in liquid phase composition, the solid phase becomes very dry, the drilling mud in the recovery, reduce the cost of drilling operation, but also reduces the the pollution of the environment, in accordance with international emission standards and environmental protection requirements. It can be used for drilling cuttings in land and ocean drilling.

vertical cuttings dryer
vertical cuttings dryer

Oil Drilling Waste Management equipment- Decanter Centrifuge:

KOSUN DC Series Decanter Centrifuge is used to separate suspended solids ≥2μm in diameter and treat the drilling mud and fluids. It is especially effective when used in oilfield service industry, industrial service industry and especially in environmentally sensitive areas. This type of centrifuge is high in recovery rate, effective in solids control and remarkable in the reduction of cost spent on drilling mud resupplying and management. It is a very sophisticated dynamic balancing machine, able to operate stably with the whirling speed ranging from 0 to 3900 and generate centrifugal force of 3000G.

Decanter Centrifuge
Decanter Centrifuge

KOSUN Decanter Centrifuge can meet with different requirements of mud treatment under various drilling conditions, that can do sedimentation and separation for particles more than 2 μm. After treatment, the mud can achieve ideal viscosity and proportion, resulting in better recycling, high efficiency, saving and environment protection.

The series of centrifuge by our company has been developed many years with the continuous improvement and optimization design, which possesses the characteristics of good result of separation and settlement, as well as large quantity, reliable work, longer life, lower energy consumption, easy maintenance, smooth operation, lower noises, etc. (Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)

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Vertical Cutting Dryer for Oil Base Mud of Kosun Manufacturer

Vertical Cutting Dryer

Oil Base Muds (OBMs) came into general use in the oil field in early 1950s. These oil base mud aid the process of drilling by providing the much needed lubrication for the equipments without damaging the reservoir that they are drilling into.

The use of vertical cuttings dryer with oil base mud drill cuttings is done to treat them. They are usually deployed with high speed centrifugal equipment to get best performance.

vertical cutting dryer
vertical cutting dryer

There is variety of combinations available in the market for treating only oil base mud or only synthetic base mud or both or along with water base mud as well.
The Oil base mud is used to reduce friction between drill pipe and formation. Operators also have the benefit of non-aqueous drilling fluids coupled with technology that help manage cuttings and excess oil and synthetic base mud.

In ensuring the environmental regulations, depending upon the local legislations, this becomes more helpful to pay extra attention to get rid of toxicity the drilling cutting waste endangers. The major benefit is that it’s not only efficient in reducing the environmental risk but also improving the profitability for the operators.

Ion any drilling project, operators must achieve a good balance between minimizing environmental impact, maintaining the drill stability and maximizing its efficiency. The use of non-aqueous fluid, both oil base mud and synthetic base mud, has increased substantially in the industry off late, owing primarily to the inherent inhibitive and lubricate qualities of these fluids coupled with the benefits of vertical cutting dryer in managing the drilling waste.

As the environmental discharge regulations get stricter, it is all the more important for operators to embrace technologies like these. A vertical cutting dryer performs that task for the operators and that too at economy. A surface solid control equipment is more efficient in dealing with larger cuttings and the dilution volume required to reduce fine solid content in the drilling fluid is reduced. Ultimately the total waste volume is significantly reduced.

Cutting Dryer-Centrifuge For Drillng Waste Management

Cutting Dryer

Cutting dryer of Kosun is a well-known brands in China. It has 25 years of history in solids control.

Cutting dryer is also a kind of centrifuge which is used for solid and liquid
separation through centrifugal separation. Cuttings dryer have been proven to be one of the most effective waste management equipment for oil-based or synthetic drilling operations.

Cutting Dryer
Cutting Dryer

Centrifuge is the use of centrifugal force, separation of liquid and solid particles or liquid and liquid mixture of the components of the mechanical. The centrifuge is mainly used to separate the solid particles in the suspension from the liquid or to separate the two different densities and incompatible liquids (eg, to separate the cream from the milk) in the emulsion;

It can also be used to exclude Wet solids in the liquid, such as washing clothes with wet clothes; special ultra-speed tube separator can also be separated from different density of gas mixture; the use of different density or particle size of solid particles in the liquid settling speed of different characteristics, some settlement The centrifuge can also classify the solid particles by density or particle size.

Why  this centrifuge is so popular?
It contain below reseasons:
1. Highly effective separation liquids/solids
2. Minimizes fluid content of cuttings
3. Decease waste-disposal volumes
4. Meet various operation requirements
5. Ease to maintence.
6. Improved efficiency and lower costs
7. Lowere cost because lower waste volumes.

Vertical cutting dryer of Kosun has more than 25 years old in solid control industry.  Kosun concluded much more experience in drilling waste.

With years marketing experience, KOSUN have been expanded its market globally, and have been established the friendly partnership with GAZPROM, PEMEX, AVA, SOCAR, SAE, etc.

As a leader in China’s solid control and drilling waste management industry, Kosun has been highly valued by its local customers for its high quality products and quality service. Branch letter will continue to provide customers with better products and services.

VERTI-G Cutting Dryer for Sale of Kosun Manufacturer

VERTI-G Cutting Dryer

VERTI-G cutting dryer is a separation equipment that is highly utilized in drilling waste management. VERTI-G cutting dryer offer a solid control on reducing the drilled solid wastes.

VERTI-G cutting dryer reduces the disposal cost significantly. If the vertical cutting dryer is utilized in a proper way then it can offer compliance to the clients with local environmental regulations and also recovers the base fluid.

The equipment utilizes rotary mechanism that produce centrifugal force. The vertical cuttings dryer are highly used in various countries.

VERTI-G cutting dryer
VERTI-G cutting dryer

The capacity of a VERTI-G cutting dryer to recover the drilling fluids is up to 95%. Along with this the vertical cuttings dryer offer many advantages. If you consider its features it is very compact in design.

It is designed in such a way that it will reduce the footprints significantly. The major advantage offered by vertical cutting dryer is it enhances the efficiency of drilling waste management procedure.

The vertical dryer cutting machine enhances the working of lubrication system by relocating it with a better protection. It also improves the performance of external components and their longevity.

The VERTI-G cutting dryer has an improved water shield design that includes many features such as upper access doors, visual inspection facility and so on. This will help you monitor the complete procedure. The good quality vertical cutting dryers are highly durable and have less functional maintain ace. All the standard part are easy to access and can be changed without much effort.

In other equipment changing belts is a difficult process but in case of VERTI-G cuttings dryer it gets super easy and quick. You can change the belt without removing drive assembly.

The overall structure of the machine is user friendly. Kosun vertical cutting dryer has been highly praised by vast domestic and overseas customers.Using high quality vertical cutting dryers will not only increase the efficiency of the drill waste management procedure but also  will enhance the performance of all other equipments included in the process.

Vertical cuttings dryer for sale all over the world by virtue of its high-quality products and excellent after-sales services.


HI-G Cuttings Dryer Replacement to TDU(Thermal Desorption Unit)

HI-G Cuttings Dryer

HI-G Cuttings Dryer play a major role in separating the drilling fluids from drilled cuttings.  So the HI-G cuttings dryer is considered as a core part of drilling waste management. In earlier time the use of TDU(Thermal Desorption Unit) was significant.

HI-G Cuttings Dryer have achieved lot of appreciation in drilling waste management. The vertical cutting dryer is commonly used to dry the dry the drilling solids . The working of a cutting dryer flows into two parts. One is transporting the solids and other is drying the solids.

VERTI-G cutting dryer
VERTI-G cutting dryer

HI-G Cuttings Dryer are the best option for the treatment of various waste streams such as oil sludge, drill cuttings and other organic waste material. The motors used in this procedure are non flammable. This will save your workplace from fire. The oil and water utilized in the process can be recycled for reuse. It is a heavy duty machine that leaves minimum footprints.

Whenever a successful drilling operation takes place the contamination of drilling cuttings with the drilling fluids occurs. This procedure is unavoidable. Separating the drilling fluid from the drilled cutting is really important as the drilling fluid is unrecoverable and economically unwanted.

It is a non incineration technology that is designed to separate hydrocarbons from the drilling oils and other fluids included in drilled cuttings. But today cutting dryers have taken its place due to following reasons.

It not only play a core role in drilling waste management but also enhances the performances of other equipment included in the procedure. The cutting dryer offer total fluid management. This will significantly reduce the impact of drilling activities on the environment.

HI-G Cuttings Dryer are quite light weight so can be used on any site. Making use of cutting dryer in the drilling waste management process will reduce the process time significantly.

KOSUN Vertical Cutting Dryer : Core Equipment in Drilling Waste Management

KOSUN Vertical Cutting Dryer

KOSUN Vertical Cutting Dryer is well known with high quality and best after service sales.

KOSUN Vertical Cutting Dryer can effectively recover the liquid phase in drilling cuttings, making the solid phase become very dry. It is suitable for water-base mud, oil-base mud and synthetic base mud.

In drilling operations large quantities of drilling cuttings are obtained as a result of drilling deep beneath the ocean surface or on the ground to extract the fossil fuel or oil as we commonly know it.

The drilling operations typically yield two kinds of waste – drilling fluids and drilling cuttings. While drilling fluids like mud are used intentionally to aid the process of drilling through well-drilling method, drilling cuttings are the byproduct of the process. This mix of fluid and solid is brought to the surface for further treatment. The separation of two is carried out with mechanical means, the core equipment in the process being a “ Cutting Dryer ”.


KOSUN Vertical Cutting Dryer for sale
KOSUN Vertical Cutting Dryer

Before we understand the process better, let us look into the need for this drilling waste management, why so much importance is attached with such an ordinary task? Well, the answer is much more complicated than you would expect.

The oil and gas wells have been drilled for over a century now and the companies and authorities have grown more aware of the environmental impact of the drilling waste management. Stricter rules and regulations are deployed to companies that has prompted the researchers to find out better ways of dealing with this drilling waste. Naturally the stakes are high for all the parties involved.

One of the most modern approaches of dealing with drilling waste management is returning the drilling cutting waste back to the deep zone where they originally came from – the deep reservoirs, and there are various equipments deployed for supporting the process but before the disposal it is imperative that the drilling cuttings are well treated for the removal of any harmful drilling elements. The usage of cutting dryers makes that possible.

What it does is separate the fluid from the drilling cuttings in a most efficient way, to recover the oil on cuttings and leave remaining waste more suitable for further disposal. So it will be fair to conclude that the cutting dryers are actually at the heart of drilling waste management process.

Some of other traditional methods of drilling waste disposal are: land-spreading and land-farming, evaporation and burial onsite, underground injection, incineration and other thermal treatment, bioremediation and composting, and reuse and recycling.

Cuttings Dryer of Kosun Delivery to Kazakhstan

Cuttings Dryer

Cuttings dryer that come from Kosun will delivery to Kazakhstan recently.

As a leader brand among in solid control of drilling waste management in addition to Beijing, America, Xi’an, Russia. Kosun continuely develop new products to meet market demands. Quality control, customer experience,after sales service and manafacturing management.

cutting dryer
cuttings dryer

After years of continuous efforts, Kosun open up the markert and export a large number of solid control equipment to foreign markets. We will focus on Russia, the US market. So many oil drilling company production.

Cuttings dryer are designed by customers actual needs. In the system design process and equipment configuration on both the cost and processing results. Achieve the best processing results with the lowest cost under customer requirements.

We have more than $ 3 million equipment will delivery to Russia past. A drilling company has purchased four sets of vertical cutting dryers for drilling waste management system and 12 settling centrifuges for solid control. Many devices have been working for more than 3 years and customers will be satisfied with the performance of the work. We also have some west Africa customers.

According to customer oriented, KOSUN will provied the most suitable products for customers according to their practical requirements and provide them with reliable and high-quality products.

Vertical cutting dryer is quite popular by customer at home and abroud with abundant technological strength and perfect after-sales service system. KOSUN is looking forward to negotiation and cooperation with you!

Kosun will integrate global resources, embark on the Chinese market, provide a full range of one-stop oil drilling fluid solid control products and drilling waste treatment products, solutions and a high sense of responsibility and sustainable innovation services, employees, customers and shareholders, and Customer satisfaction for the KOSUN people’s eternal pursuit.

Kosun products won’t let you down. Please contact us as long as  you need.









VERTI-G Cuttings Dryer For Sale From Kosun Solids

VERTI-G Cuttings Dryer

VERTI-G cuttings dryer are also called as centrifuge, are efficient solid-liquid separation equipments, from the feed device, washing equipment,filter silo,separation system, transmission,  and electronic control devices.

VERTI-G cuttings dryer are the core equipment for drilling waste management unit, which are the necessary part for drilling environment protection projects.

VERTI-G cuttings dryer for sale
VERTI-G cuttings dryer

There are two different types of Kosun vertical cutting dryer , the VC-800 cutting dryer and the VC-1000 vertical cutting dryer, all using high-speed vertical centrifuges for maximum liquid / solid separation in large quantities; it is used with Solvedrilling The dryer is the same. With new design and high quality assurance, the WestPetro cutting dryer offers key advantages for operators to meet the stringent environmental conditions of cutting and oil drilling.

The VERTI-G cutting dryer has the most advanced design and can handle a different amount of cutting and fluid, usually up to 60 tons per hour. The dried solids discharged from the dryer are usually wetted by ≤ 5% of the oil content.

By recycling mud in cuttings, vertical dryer can decrease drilling costs and lessen environmental pollution. Processing capacity of 40-60T / h, after treatment of cuttings oil content (OOC) can be reduced to 5% (w / w) the following, Meet for international emission standards and environmental requirements. Vertical centrifuges can also be used for drilling waste management on land and offshore drilling waste.

We manufacture Vertical Cutting Dryer Equipment and Drilling Waste Management Equipment for more than 20 years experience with API, IADC, ISO and CE certificated.

Kosun will integrate global resources, embark on the Chinese market, provide a full range of one-stop oil drilling fluid solid control products and waste treatment products, solutions and a high sense of responsibility and sustainable innovation services, employees, customers and shareholders, and Customer satisfaction for the KOSUN people’s eternal pursuit.

In 2017, KOSUN will continue to make a stage pose with a series of typical products we are expecting your visit!