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Cutting Dryer

Cutting dryer of Kosun is a vertical scraper discharge centrifuge.Which is an efficient solid-liquid separation equipment, from the feed device, separation system, filter silo, a silo, transmission, washing equipment and electronic control devices.

cutting dryer
cutting dryer

Cutting dryer is used in the drilling industry. The debris shredder effectively recovers liquid components from the drill cuttings and makes the solid phase very dry. Vertical Cuttings dryer can also be used in onshore and offshore drilling.

Vertical cutting dryer of the entire system clever application of the dual role of centrifugal force and gravity to achieve the continuous work of the equipment to achieve a high working efficiency. Slurry from the feed inlet into the centrifuge, in the separation system by the role of centrifugal force, through the filter screen to retain solid, liquid through the screen into the filter chamber from the mother liquid port discharge. The solid in gravity and centrifugal force component of the downward movement, through the silo into the lower section.

During the course of the movement, the solids are washed by pumping the wash solution through the wash system. All power is driven by a motor. In the separation process, you can adjust the feed rate and the relative position of the various parts of the separation system to control the solid residence time in the separation system to achieve the required solid content of water requirements.

Cutting Dryer
Cutting Dryer

Maintenance of safety
1, the spindle disassembly, assembly safety
Innovative design of the pumping spindle, with NU series of inner and outer ring detachable cylindrical bearings, can facilitate separation of the spindle from the body, reducing the difficulty of assembly and demolition, improve installation quality, easy accessibility, no damage parts.
2, the host bearing and bearing outer ring demolition, assembly safety
Innovative design of the separate bearing housing structure, to change the traditional bearing outer ring directly with the bearing seat of the main installation mode, on-site demolition easy and convenient, no damage to parts.
3, the spindle bearing inner ring demolition, assembly safety
Spindle in the design of reference high-pressure oil demolition bearing the principle of reducing the difficulty of maintenance, disassembly without damage, while extending equipment life.
Fourth, equipment protection security