KOSUN mud zero discharge equipment -VC series of Vertical Cuttings Dryer

Are you looking to better manage waste cuttings for your operation utilizing a Vertical Cuttings Dryer? KOSUN’s Vertical Cuttings Dryer continues to be the industry choice as the most reliable and efficient solution when dealing with waste cuttings.

The drilling cuttings dryer (also known as rock cuttings dryer) produced by KOSUN is a single-stage continuous vertical scraper discharge centrifuge, also called a vertical drying centrifuge. It is an important piece of equipment for the mud zero discharge treatment of drilling waste in the oilfield. By centrifugal separation principle, it separates the solid and liquid phases. The cuttings dryer can effectively recover the liquid phase components in the drilling cuttings, making the solid phase exceptionally dry. And it can recycle the mud in the cuttings, performing particularly well in the treatment of oil-based mud and synthetic-based mud cuttings. So this helps reduce drilling costs and environmental pollution.

Different models of the dryer have processing capacities ranging from approximately 20 to 60 tons per hour. The oil content in the processed cuttings is below 5% (w/w) (OOC≤5%), meeting international emission standards and environmental requirements. It is suitable for cuttings treatment in both onshore and offshore drilling operations.

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The operation and maintenance of a vertical cuttings dryer

The operation and maintenance of a vertical cuttings dryer are crucial to ensuring its optimum performance and durability. Here are some guidelines for operating and maintaining a vertical cuttings dryer:

1, Pre-Operational Checks:

-Inspect the dryer for any signs of damage or wear before starting.

-Ensure that all bolts, screws, and fasteners are securely tightened.

-Check the electrical connections and wiring for any loose or damaged parts.

-Verify that the lubrication system is functioning properly.

2, Start-Up Procedure:

-Be familiar with the manufacturer’s instructions for starting and operating the dryer.

-Turn on the power and ensure all safety measures are in place.

-Set the desired operating parameters such as rotation speed, angle, and feed rate.

-Allow the dryer to run for a few minutes to ensure smooth operation.

3, Loading and Unloading:

-Properly load the cuttings into the feed hopper, ensuring they are evenly distributed.

-Avoid overloading the dryer, which can lead to decreased efficiency and increased wear.

-Monitor the discharge chute and remove any blockages promptly.

-Follow all safety protocols when unloading the dried cuttings.

4, Regular Inspections and Maintenance:

-Conduct routine dryer inspections to identify any signs of wear or damage.

-Check the screen panels for any clogging or damage and clean or replace them as needed.

-Inspect the bearings, seals, and belts for proper alignment and lubrication.

-Keep the dryer clean from debris, oil, and drilling mud to prevent potential issues.

5, Lubrication and Greasing:

-Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for lubricating the dryer and its components.

-Use the recommended lubricants and greases in the specified quantities.

-Regularly grease the bearings, gears, and other moving parts to reduce friction and wear.

6, Troubleshooting:

-Familiarize yourself with the common issues and troubleshooting steps outlined in the user manual.

-If any problem arises, stop the dryer immediately and refer to the troubleshooting guide.

-Contact the manufacturer or a qualified technician for assistance if needed.

7, Training and Safety:

-Ensure that personnel operating the vertical cuttings dryer are adequately trained.

-Follow all safety procedures and guidelines to avoid accidents and injuries.

-Regularly conduct safety inspections and address any potential hazards promptly.

By following these operation and maintenance guidelines, you can enhance the efficiency and lifespan of your vertical cuttings dryer while ensuring a safe working environment. KOSUN is the name you can trust when it comes to selecting a reliable high-performance vertical cuttings dryer. Contact us today to learn more about our vertical cuttings dryer and drilling waste treatment equipment.

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Benefits of Using a Vertical Cuttings Dryer in Drilling Operations

Drilling operations generate substantial amounts of drilling cuttings, which contain valuable drilling fluids that can be recovered and reused. The efficient management of drilling waste is essential for environmental compliance, cost reduction, and operational efficiency. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using a vertical cuttings dryer in drilling operations and its positive impact on waste management.

1, Enhanced Fluid Recovery:

One of the key advantages of utilizing a vertical cuttings dryer is the significant enhancement in fluid recovery. The dryer employs a high-speed centrifugal force to separate drilling fluids from the cuttings, reducing the moisture content to a minimum. As a result, a substantial amount of valuable drilling fluid is recovered, which can be recycled back into the drilling process. This leads to cost savings by reducing the need for fresh drilling fluid and minimizing waste disposal.

2, Reduced Environmental Impact:

Drilling operations generate drilling waste that must be properly managed to mitigate environmental impact. The vertical cuttings dryer plays a crucial role in reducing this impact. By efficiently removing drilling fluids from the cuttings, the dryer facilitates the handling and disposal of the drier cuttings. This helps to minimize the volume of waste generated and reduces the potential for fluid contamination of soil and water sources. Implementing a cuttings dryer in drilling operations demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance.

3, Improved Health and Safety:

Handling and managing wet drilling cuttings can pose health and safety risks for workers. Wet cuttings are heavy, slippery, and may contain hazardous substances. By utilizing a vertical cuttings dryer, the moisture content of the cuttings is significantly reduced, making them lighter and safer to handle. Drier cuttings are less likely to cause accidents, slips, or falls, leading to improved overall safety conditions on drilling sites.

4, Enhanced Operational Efficiency:

Integrating a vertical cuttings dryer into drilling operations brings notable improvements in operational efficiency. The reduction in moisture content of the cuttings allows for faster and more effective disposal or further processing. Drier cuttings are easier to transport, leading to smoother logistics and reduced transportation costs. The improved efficiency also extends to the drilling process itself, as the recovered drilling fluid can be reused, resulting in more stable drilling conditions and optimized performance.

5, Regulatory Compliance:

Stringent regulations govern drilling waste management, particularly regarding the discharge of drilling fluids into the environment. Utilizing a vertical cuttings dryer aids in meeting these regulatory requirements by effectively separating the drilling fluids from the cuttings. The dryer ensures compliance with environmental standards and facilitates the proper disposal of the drier cuttings, minimizing the risk of non-compliance penalties and associated legal issues.

6, Cost Savings:

Implementing a vertical cuttings dryer can yield significant cost savings for drilling operations. The enhanced fluid recovery reduces the need for new drilling fluid purchases, resulting in reduced operational expenses. Additionally, the reduced waste volume and improved logistics minimize transportation costs and waste disposal fees. By optimizing drilling waste management, the overall operational costs can be significantly lowered.

The utilization of a vertical cuttings dryer in drilling operations brings numerous benefits, including enhanced fluid recovery, reduced environmental impact, improved health and safety, increased operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and cost savings. The effective separation of drilling fluids from cuttings results in recovered fluids that can be recycled, leading to resource conservation and improved sustainability. By adopting this advanced technology, drilling operations can achieve efficient waste management, mitigate environmental risks, and optimize their overall performance.

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Overview of Vertical Cuttings Dryer and its Importance in the drilling industry

In the drilling industry, efficient solids control is essential for maintaining drilling fluid quality, reducing waste, and ensuring environmental compliance. One innovative technology that has transformed the way drilling cuttings are managed is the Vertical Cuttings Dryer. This equipment plays a crucial role in separating drilling cuttings from drilling mud, offering numerous benefits for drilling operations. In this article, we will explore the overview of Vertical Cuttings Dryer and its significance in the drilling industry.

What is a Vertical Cuttings Dryer?

A Vertical Cuttings Dryer is a specialized solids control equipment designed to separate drilling cuttings from drilling fluid or mud. It utilizes centrifugal force to remove and recover drilling fluid from cuttings, significantly reducing the amount of waste generated during drilling operations.

How Does a Vertical Cuttings Dryer Work?

The Vertical Cuttings Dryer consists of a vertical rotating drum or basket. As drilling cuttings enter the dryer, centrifugal force rapidly separates the cuttings from the drilling fluid. The cuttings are expelled from the dryer while the recovered drilling fluid is discharged separately. The dryer effectively dries the cuttings, reducing their oil content to meet environmental regulations and facilitating proper disposal or further treatment.

Importance of Vertical Cuttings Dryer in the Drilling Industry:

1, Environmental Compliance:

Vertical Cuttings Dryers play a vital role in helping drilling operations adhere to strict environmental regulations. By efficiently separating and drying cuttings, they reduce the environmental impact by minimizing waste generation and preventing the discharge of contaminated drilling fluid into the environment.

2, Improved Solids Control:

The Vertical Cuttings Dryer significantly enhances solids control by separating a substantial amount of drilling fluid from cuttings. This ensures the drilling fluid’s quality and properties, leading to improved drilling performance, reduced downhole problems, and extended equipment lifespan.

3, Cost Reduction:

By recovering valuable drilling fluid from cuttings, the Vertical Cuttings Dryer enables its reuse in the drilling process. This not only reduces the costs associated with procuring new drilling fluid but also lowers waste management expenses, such as transportation and disposal fees.

4, Enhanced Drilling Efficiency:

The Vertical Cuttings Dryer contributes to enhanced drilling efficiency by reducing downtime associated with handling and disposing of drilling waste. It allows drilling operations to continue smoothly and minimizes the need for interruptions and costly cleaning procedures.

5, Health and Safety:

Efficient solids control provided by the Vertical Cuttings Dryer improves the working environment for drilling personnel. It reduces exposure to hazardous substances present in cuttings and drilling fluid, thus mitigating health risks and ensuring a safer workplace.

6, Sustainable Practices:

Incorporating a Vertical Cuttings Dryer into drilling operations aligns with the industry’s increasing focus on sustainability. By reducing waste generation and promoting the reuse of drilling fluid, the dryer helps in conserving natural resources and minimize the carbon footprint associated with drilling activities.

The Vertical Cuttings Dryer has emerged as a game-changer in the drilling industry, revolutionizing the way drilling cuttings are managed. With its ability to separate drilling fluid from cuttings effectively, this equipment enhances solids control, reduces waste, ensures environmental compliance, and improves drilling efficiency. As the industry continues to prioritize sustainable practices, the Vertical Cuttings Dryer plays a crucial role in achieving environmental stewardship while optimizing drilling operations.

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Vertical cuttings dryer is a new type of solid-liquid separation and drying equipment

KOSUN drilling waste treatment system is divided into: water-based mud zero discharge system and oil-based mud zero discharge system according to its purpose. Its main equipment includes: drying shaker, Vertical cuttings dryer, drilling fluid centrifuge, screw conveyor, screw pump, etc., which can effectively control the water content of drill cuttings in the drilling mud (6%-10%) and stabilize the liquid Phase performance, to achieve the purpose of mud dry treatment without falling to the ground.

KOSUN Vertical cuttings dryer is a new type of solid-liquid separation and drying equipment. It does not need to add medicines. The screen basket is not easy to be blocked. It occupies a small area. It is easy to install and operate. The maintenance cost is low, and it has become the equipment for domestic and foreign enterprises to solve the solid-liquid separation and drying and the zero discharge treatment of mud while drilling or abandoned mud pools.

Filter presses and Vertical cuttings dryer are both important equipment for processing drilling mud waste to achieve solid-liquid separation and dehydration. Compared with the Vertical cuttings dryer, the filter press is an early dehydration device for drilling waste mud. It needs to be added with drugs, and the screen cloth is easy to block, the operation is complicated, the labor intensity is high, and the maintenance cost is high.

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Application and separation effect of KOSUN vertical cuttings dryer

Vertical cuttings dryer can be used for many types of drilling mud, mainly used for oil-based and composite-based drilling cuttings drying. Similar to other solids control equipment, such as drilling fluid vibrating screen, drilling fluid centrifuge, cyclone separator, vertical drilling cuttings dryer, the processing capacity is also closely related to the mud viscosity. The viscosity of mud is determined by many factors, including solid content, particle size, drilling fluid type and drilling fluid temperature.

Vertical cuttings dryer
Vertical cuttings dryer 

The Vertical cuttings dryer is a new type of solid-liquid separation and drying equipment. It does not need to add drugs, the screen basket is not easy to be blocked, it occupies a small area, is easy to install and operate, it has a strong processing capacity, and the solid-phase moisture content of the treated waste is low, the maintenance cost is low, and it has become the first choice for domestic and foreign companies to solve the solid-liquid separation and drying and the non-ground treatment of mud while drilling or abandoned mud pools.The Vertical cuttings dryer can effectively control the cuttings water content (6%-15%) and oil content (2%-8%) in the drilling mud, stabilize the liquid phase performance, and achieve the purpose of drying the mud without landing.

With the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements, high requirements have been put forward for the disposal of cuttings on the drilling site. The emergence of drilling waste treatment and purification systems can not only solve the on-site environmental problems, but also can carry out the waste generated by the on-site solid control system. The secondary recovery treatment can retain useful mud while intensively solidifying the reprocessed drill cuttings to reduce the damage to the surrounding environment caused by field operations. The use of waste mud cake after drilling waste treatment: it can be used for secondary utilization such as brick burning and road paving.

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Oil Drilling Waste Management Company and equipment

With the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements, the major oil fields are faced with the problem of oil drilling waste management. KOSUN, Oil Drilling Waste Management Company, are searching drilling waste management and disposal methods for 25 years,  manufacturing quality drilling cuttings waste management system and serving the clients around the world.

Oil Drilling Waste Management equipment- Vertical Cuttings Dryer:

KOSUN vertical cuttings dryer for oil-based mud, by centrifugal separation principle, can effectively recover the cuttings in liquid phase composition, the solid phase becomes very dry, the drilling mud in the recovery, reduce the cost of drilling operation, but also reduces the the pollution of the environment, in accordance with international emission standards and environmental protection requirements. It can be used for drilling cuttings in land and ocean drilling.

vertical cuttings dryer
vertical cuttings dryer

Oil Drilling Waste Management equipment- Decanter Centrifuge:

KOSUN DC Series Decanter Centrifuge is used to separate suspended solids ≥2μm in diameter and treat the drilling mud and fluids. It is especially effective when used in oilfield service industry, industrial service industry and especially in environmentally sensitive areas. This type of centrifuge is high in recovery rate, effective in solids control and remarkable in the reduction of cost spent on drilling mud resupplying and management. It is a very sophisticated dynamic balancing machine, able to operate stably with the whirling speed ranging from 0 to 3900 and generate centrifugal force of 3000G.

Decanter Centrifuge
Decanter Centrifuge

KOSUN Decanter Centrifuge can meet with different requirements of mud treatment under various drilling conditions, that can do sedimentation and separation for particles more than 2 μm. After treatment, the mud can achieve ideal viscosity and proportion, resulting in better recycling, high efficiency, saving and environment protection.

The series of centrifuge by our company has been developed many years with the continuous improvement and optimization design, which possesses the characteristics of good result of separation and settlement, as well as large quantity, reliable work, longer life, lower energy consumption, easy maintenance, smooth operation, lower noises, etc. (Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)

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What is the newest technology in drilling waste treatment?

The main components of the drilling waste are cuttings, excess drilling fluids, hydrocarbons and water and are mostly categorized as hazardous waste. The disposal of these wastes are, in most locations around the world, highly regulated. The solids in the drill cuttings are usually separated and the cleaned off drill mud residue, as well as the produced water are usually cleaned at considerable costs.(drilling waste treatment)

drilling waste treatment equipment

The first step in managing drilling wastes is to separate the solid cuttings from the liquid drilling mud. Once solid and liquid drilling wastes have been separated, companies can use a variety of technologies and practices to manage the wastes. For some applications, drilling wastes are solidified or stabilized prior to their ultimate management practice. The management technologies and practices can be grouped into three major categories: waste minimization, recycle/reuse, and disposal.

The Following information is more about the drilling waste treatment equipment

Vertical Cuttings Dryer( Vertical Centrifuge) can perform solid/liquid separation through centrifugal separation. The vertical cuttings dryer can effectively recover the liquid phase in drilling cuttings, making the solid phase become very dry. It is suitable for water-base mud, oil-base mud and synthetic base mud. By recovering the mud in drilling cuttings, the vertical cuttings dryer can reduce the drilling cost and cut down environmental pollution. With handling capacity of 40-60 T/h, the oil on cuttings (OOC) of drilling cuttings can be reduced to lower than 5% (w/w) after treatment, meeting the international emissions standards and environmental protection requirements. The vertical centrifuge can also be applicable for drilling waste management in onshore and offshore drilling.

-DC Series Decanter Centrifuge is used in separating suspension of solids phase with particle ≥2μm in diameter for drilling mud and fluids handling.

-Screw Pump is an ideal pump used to feed drilling fluids to decanter centrifuge since drilling fluids is pushed to proceed along axial direction evenly. Therefore, the inner flow speed is kept low, volume unchanged and pressure stable so that vortex and agitation are prevented. Screw Pump is useful for wet mud drilling mud waste management and cuttings transportation.

Screw conveyor (Auger) can be used in drilling waste management projects, providing an effective and low-cost drilling cuttings transport system for offshore and onshore drilling rigs. Adopting a multi-sectional composite structure with each section of 12 feet (3.66m), the screw conveyor can be flexibly assembled on different drilling sites, with characteristics of simple operation, stable structure, strong adaptability and high safety, significantly improving the operating efficiency of equipment and reducing the cost and resources. The flights of screw conveyer adopt wear-resistant material to ensure its service life.

Hi-G Dryer is used to recover the mud from drilling cuttings,so as to reduce the liquid/oil content in drilling cuttings to as low as about 10%(w/w) and recover part of the drilling mud,so that the drilling cost can be reduced and the drilling waste volume can be cut down,for the purpose of reducing environmental pollution.The Hi-G dryer suitable for both of WBM and OBM.

Vertical Cuttings Dryer Gain Well Recognized All Over the World

Vertical Cuttings Dryer

As the drilling work increases it is becoming very important that professional make different measure to ensure that drilling fields becomes cleaner. Over the years there have been many efforts made to keep the field clean and help the environment in cleaning.

Vertical dryer (also known as Verti-G cutting dryer) is a vertical centrifuge, one of the most effective waste management equipment for oil or synthetic drilling operations. The chip dryer can effectively clean the drilled chips, recover the largest drilling fluid, and reduce the amount of drilling waste that must be transported.

vertical cuttings dryer
vertical cuttings dryer

Vertical cutting dryer is an effective device to reduce costs and improve efficiency. However, if the local environmental policy allows 5% OOC standards, TDU can also be used for similar work. Install a vertical cutting dryer to recycle valuable drilling fluids and re-use them by drilling into an active mud system.

Vertical drilling and cutting dryers are the means for generating centrifugal force for the release of the rotating force. The equipment is popular around the world because of its effective drying and can ensure that work is done in a very efficient and faster manner.

The main purpose of the equipment is to ensure that the drilling solids are wasted. If the dryer is used correctly, the base fluid can be recovered efficiently.
Most of the time, vertical dryers can effectively recover more than 95% of the fluid and ensure more efficient work.

Cutting dryers play an important role in improving low-volume application performance in drilling waste management. When the high torque is generated due to low lubricating oil, the machine automatically stops. It has a good combination of walkways, lifting cranes, and easy maintenance.

The motor of the cutting dryer is explosion-proof and can save any accidents of the workers. The control panel for the machine is certified and of high quality. If you are looking for cutting dryers for drilling applications, they are available in a variety of sizes.

What’re the Differences of Cutting Dryer and Mud Cleaner

Vertical Cuttings Dryer

Vertical Cuttings dryer and mud cleaner are both very important tools for a driller. But as a professional it is very important to understand that there is a huge difference between for the tools.

vertical cuttings dryer
vertical cuttings dryer

Mud Cleaner

Mud cleaner is a tools which is used for the purpose of removing the dirt, mud and sand from the drilling and is a very useful tool for the purpose of oil drilling fields.


mud cleaner
mud cleaner

On the other hand vertical cuttings dryer is very effective for the purpose of waste management in the process of drilling. It is used for saving up on the drilling fluids or oils which is used in the process of drilling. Cutting dryer reuses the drilling fluids and ensure that you get the best saving.

Different structure
If we consider vertical cutting dryer then overall construction is completely different from the mud cleaner. The base of the dryer is made from a steel base and acts a support system for all the other parts which are required for the working. Mud cleaner is a combination of de-slitter and de-sander and has its base made from different parts of the shaker.

Different functionality
Vertical Cuttings dryer is used for the purpose drying the drilling solids which can get transported by screw conveyors. Main benefit of cutting dryer is that it leaves very less pollutant and help in keeping the environment clean and safe. Mud cleaner is used for the purpose of removing sand and mud from the drilling waste solids.

Solids are cut into small pieces and then sent to the drilling mud tank for the purpose of cleaning and making sure that you get completely cleaned materials. It can make sure that end product is clean and you get the best working environment.