Kosun KDS-500 Shield Slurry Treatment System

Since the introduction of slurry balance shield, the slurry separation and treatment system and equipment have appeared.During the construction of slurry shield, slurry treatment is one of the important factors affecting the normal tunneling of the shield, and directly affects the construction schedule, construction cost and environmental protection.The application of slurry shield, along with the tunnel construction, is gradually developed from the city edge to the city center.Due to the limitation of the construction site, the mud water treatment equipment must cover a small area and have a high treatment rate, so an efficient and integrated slurry treatment equipment has become the first choice of the owner and the construction unit.

Xi’an Kosun Environmental Engineering co.,LTD,It is a professional company providing integrated solutions of solid waste treatment in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, focusing on the development and service of complete sets of technologies and equipment such as sludge reduction and resource utilization.

Kosun Environmental Engineering co., ltd. helps customers with sludge reduction and disposal services, including: general contracting of sludge treatment, sludge treatment mobile site services, sludge treatment package solutions.

Kosun KDS-500 shield slurry treatment system is a modular design system.The system is designed for mud purification in medium sized slurry balance shield construction projects.The KDS-500 system is composed of a coarse vibrating screen module and two sets of sand removal modules. The coarse vibrating screen module is equipped with a coarse screen for removing large particles, and the sand removal module is equipped with a desander hydrocyclone and a fine vibrating screen.

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The slurry falls into the collecting box through the coarse vibrating screen, and then is separated and transported to two sets of sand removal modules through two connecting pipes. The sand removal module is equipped with a desander hydrocyclone, which can remove the sand in the slurry.After two levels of treatment, the effect of repeated circulation can be achieved.

Green Slurry Treatment System Expert-KOSUN

Green Slurry Treatment System Expert-KOSUN:With the acceleration of the modernization process, urban integration has gradually become a major trend, a variety of urban infrastructure develop rapidly, but the attendant construction mud treatment has become a big problem which can not be ignored. National governments at all levels attach great importance to the construction mud treatment problems, and have already introducted relevant environmental laws and regulations focused on the construction mud treatment. However,Less of companies are able to use newest processing methods in construction mud treatment (or piling mud treatment, pile foundation mud treatment) due to various technical and personnel issues.

slurry treatment sysytem
slurry treatment sysytem

Under the circumstances, KOSUN developed a set of green Slurry Treatment System for construction mud treatment. KOUSN is a professional manufacturer engaged in R & D environmental protection related machinery, according to the latest international case, with reference to domestic and international first-line equipment, developed a variety of construction mud treatment system, and the actual test is very successful, through the principle of physical separation, the mud is separated, and finally the water and the solid phase in the mud are separated. The water can be recycled at the site and the resulting solid particles can be used for paving or joining the construction site to be recycled again.

KOSUN green slurry treatment system mainly consists of scalping shaker module, desanding module and desilting module. As a pre-screener, the scalping shaker can remove coarse particles from mud. The desanding module is equipped with desander (primary cyclones) and fine-mesh shaker and mainly removes granulated sand. The desilting module is equipped with desilter (secondary cyclones) and can conduct a fine separation selectively according to the field needs of customers. Mud closed-loop circulating purification mode and lower water content in slags help reduce the environmental pollution.Wear parts of the system are of anti-corrosion and wear-resistance, long service life and low failure rate, and the system can be suitable for various severe working conditions.

slurry treatment equipment
slurry treatment equipment

KOSUN green slurry treatment system successfully helped a number of foreign construction site to deal with a large number of construction mud, our customers are very satisfied with the effect of our mud separation equipment,and said they will plan a long-term cooperation with us.KOSUN green slurry treatment system will not only solve the actual treatment of the construction mud, but also can reuse a variety of materials, helping Project company save cost.

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