Drill cuttings dryers are used in oil-based mud treatment system

Drill cuttings dryer is also called mud dryer, which is a kind of centrifuge. The spin dryer is a centrifugal separator that uses centrifugal filtration to separate the components in the suspension. There are many holes on the wall of the rotary drum of the drill cuttings dryer, and the inner surface of the rotary drum is covered with a filter medium. The suspension added to the drum rotates with the drum to generate a large centrifugal pressure. Under the action of the pressure, the liquid in the suspension flows through the filter medium and the holes on the drum wall and is thrown out, and the solids are trapped on the surface of the filter medium. Realize the separation of solid and liquid. The centrifugal force generated by the suspension in the drum is thousands of times that of gravity, which strengthens the filtration process, speeds up the filtration, and obtains a filter residue with a lower moisture content. Suspensions with solid particles larger than 0.03 mm can generally be used with drill cuttings dryers.

Drill cuttings dryers have been widely used in oil-based mud treatment systems:

1. Efficient solid-liquid separation, reducing solid phase emissions;

2. The liquid phase can be recycled and reused in the drilling solids control system;

3. Reduce drilling fluid costs and waste disposal costs;

4. Realize the on-site operation requirements that the mud does not fall to the ground;

5. Easy and fast to use, long time to use, which can effectively reduce product cost.

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