Oilfield Drilling Waste Cutting Dryer of Kosun

Cutting Dryer

Cutting dryer that is to reduce the total volume of drill cutting and decrease the overall wastage. it will help in recovering the cutting fluids and result in a very cost effective way of enhancing the overall performance of the system.

Most of the operators are looking for ways to save up on the oil based or synthetic based drilling fluids to make the overall operation more cost efficient and environment friendly. To achieve this objective, using a cutting dryer can be very efficient as it can carry out the overall function in a very efficient manner without resulting in a lot of waste of cutting fluids.

vertical cutting dryer
Vertical cuttings dryer

Normal dryers will require you to have better collection systems, and increased man power to make sure that you get the most out of the working. For the purpose of cutting for a dryer which is located in the cutting area there can be a lot of degradation of cutting before the dryer actually reaches the dryer. If the cutting breaks down then bigger cutting surface can make recovery of the fluid less efficient and cause a lot of problems. This can also increase the total volume of the waste material which needs to be decomposed. All these factors can make the complete economic of the fluid recovery less efficient as many big equipments are needed to keep the system working.

Getting a good cutting dyer is very important as it can ensure that you get the best working for all your tools. Cutting dryer cannot just result in better productivity by can also make the system a lot more environment friendly. When there is good recycling in process then overall need of the drilling fluids will naturally decrease and you will have a better system in place that can carry out more efficient work.

The full range of Solids Control Equipment includes decanter centrifuge , shale shakershaker screen , mud cleaner, poorboy degasser, pumps, mud tank system and etc. Vertical centrifuge and the related screw pump and screw conveyor are under our drilling waste management equipment business scope.

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