KOSUN Vertical Cuttings Dryer – application introduction

The cuttings dryer is designed to reduce the operator’s total drilling fluid cost and limit the amount of waste handled. Recover drilling fluid directly from cuttings and weight mud from shaker mesh to avoid loss of weight mud due to shaker failure, rig movement, or screen blockage. The centrifuge helps meet certain cuttings liquid discharge requirements that must be complied with. The cuttings dryer is a continuous screen centrifuge with automatic feed control for solid-liquid separation. The cuttings dryer is designed to recover the liquid phase drilling fluid from the cuttings by applying a high centrifugal acceleration force to the cuttings to improve liquid separation from the cuttings. The cuttings dryer can help save money on expensive drilling fluids by returning the expensive liquid phase in the mud system through further purification. The KOSUN drilling cuttings treatment system recovers beneficial mud and returns it to the in-service mud system. The KOSUN drilling cuttings treatment system works well for diesel, mineral oil, and synthetic oil-based mud. The KOSUN drilling cuttings treatment system has a higher mud value, and the vertical centrifuge is a more critical piece of equipment in the KOSUN mud treatment system, which also makes the vertical centrifuge more attractive from an economic and practical point of view. In addition, the vertical centrifuge reduces the amount of waste and disposal costs incurred at the rig site.