KOSUN– one of the Top -Ten drilling cuttings management system companies in China

Are you looking for a reliable drilling waste disposal solution that ticks all the boxes of efficiency and environmental responsibility? Look no further! KOSUN, one of China’s Top -Ten drilling waste disposal companies, Has got you covered. Dive into this blog post to discover how KOSUN’s cutting-edge drilling cuttings management system is revolutionizing the industry with its innovative technology and sustainable practices. Let’s explore together!

The KOSUN drilling cuttings Management system includes which devices

The KOSUN drilling cuttings management system comprises a range of top-notch devices designed to streamline the waste disposal process. At its core is the Vertical Cuttings Dryer, which effectively separates drilling fluids from cuttings, reducing environmental impact.

Accompanying this is the Hi-G Dryer Shaker, a high-speed vibrating device that further removes solids from liquids for enhanced efficiency.

Additionally, the Decanter Centrifuge plays a crucial role in separating fine solids from fluids through centrifugal force, ensuring thorough waste treatment.

To complement these devices, KOSUN’s Screw Conveyor efficiently transports processed materials for seamless disposal or recycling.

By integrating these advanced devices into their system, KOSUN sets a new standard for effective and eco-friendly drilling cuttings management solutions in the industry.

How do the equipment in the drilling cuttings management system work together?

The equipment in the drilling cuttings management system works together seamlessly to ensure efficient and environmentally friendly waste disposal.
The shale shaker plays a crucial role by separating solids from liquids, allowing for further processing.
Next, the decanter centrifuge comes into play, spinning at high speeds to remove fine particles from the liquid phase.
Simultaneously, the vertical cuttings dryer helps reduce oil content in solids before they are transported off-site for disposal.
Moreover, thermal desorption units are utilized to treat oily sludge and recover valuable resources for reuse.
Each piece of equipment complements one another in this sophisticated system, contributing to safer operations and reduced environmental impact.

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