Drilling fluid centrifuge is a very important solid phase control equipment

In the drilling solids control system, the drilling fluid centrifuge is a very important solids control equipment. The drilling fluid centrifuge uses the principle of centrifugal sedimentation and separation to separate the suspension in the drilling fluid. It is one of the important equipment in the drilling field to balance the viscosity and specific gravity of the drilling fluid and recover the heavy gold powder in the drilling fluid. KOSUN horizontal spiral unloading sedimentation centrifuge is used for the separation of suspensions containing solid particles with a diameter of ≥2μm, as well as the treatment of drilling mud and liquid. It is particularly effective for oilfield and industrial services, especially in environmentally sensitive areas. The recovery rate is high, the solid phase control is effective, and the cost of mud replenishment and treatment is significantly reduced. This series of centrifuges are equipped with sophisticated dynamic balancing equipment, which can run smoothly for a long time at a speed of 0~3900RPM, and the centrifugal force generated can be as high as 3000G.

The drilling fluid centrifuge is a special equipment for solid-liquid separation. The separation process of the solid and liquid phases in the mud is completed in the drum, and is used to separate the ultrafine solid particles in the drilling fluid. Principle: The drilling fluid centrifuge uses the high-speed rotation of the drum to drive the mud that enters the drum to rotate at a high speed. The mud is thrown on the wall of the drum to form a liquid circle. The solid particles in the liquid circle are hundreds or even thousands of times greater than their own gravity. With the centrifugal force, the drilling fluid centrifuge overcomes the resistance of the mud viscosity and quickly settles on the inner wall of the drum to form a solid phase layer, and the liquid forms a liquid phase layer. The ratio of the centrifugal force of the solid particles in the fluid circle of the drilling centrifuge to its own gravity is called the separation factor of the centrifuge. A centrifuge with a large separation factor can separate finer particles from the mud.

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