VERTI-G cutting dryer Strong Work Effiency by Kosun

VERTI-G cutting dryer

VERTI-G cutting and drying machine are using high-speed vertical centrifuge, can be processed in large quantities to achieve maximum liquid-solid separation. This mechanism makes the VERTI-G dryer one of the best and most reliable cutting dryers in the industry.

The VERTI-G cuttings dryer is available in standard sizes and compact configurations to meet increasingly stringent requirements for offshore cutting environmental regulations.

Each project has a unique requirement. A variety of cuttings dryer are the key to providing the highest efficiency. We have developed three different BaraG-Force ™ vertical cutting dryers to meet specific requirements, including small size applications, high capacity / high ROP drilling operations or drilling waste management limited areas of the project.

VERTI-G cutting dryer
VERTI-G cutting dryer

Regardless of your rig design or location, we can offer a wide range of options to maximize the efficiency of drilling waste management flows.
Reduce costs by reducing waste.

All of our dryers are designed to reduce the amount of waste and the purpose of recycling liquids. We can help you reduce the level of the Republic of China to acceptable emission limits to reduce or eliminate your waste transportation costs.

For zero-emission environments, lower oil cutting opportunities mean less expensive off-site treatment or disposal utilization, and recycled fluids can help offset the final disposal costs.

The VERTI-G dryer runs a rolling action to promote efficient separation and prevent screen clogging. In the high-G force generated by the large cone diameter, with the chip and fine mesh, large-capacity centrifuge screen contact, liquid / solid separation occurred immediately. The result is a clean reflow and dry solid discharge.

The feed stream is continuously fed to the VERTI-G dryer by means of programmable logic control (PLC) for optimum liquid / solid separation. Once the chips are introduced into the charging hopper of the dryer, the individually adjustable threads separate the chips directly into the screen surface. These flying objects are coated with tungsten carbide to reduce wear and ensure increased wear resistance.