The MG series mud gun is designed, produced and manufactured by KOSUN company.

The MG series mud gun is designed, produced and manufactured by KOSUN company for the fixed control mud tank of different drilling rigs, which is mainly used as a special tool for controlling the precipitation in drilling mud solid control system. The equipment is divided into three types: low pressure, heavy pressure and high pressure. KOSUN’s MG series mud gun can be used in the mud tank for high-pressure injection mixing, to prevent the corner of the mud tank and the suction of the pump solid phase precipitation, also can be used to transport mud between the bin.

Advantages and features of the mud gun:

1. Structured and reasonable, capable of supporting the use of pumps with different pressures;

2. The equipment has good sealing performance and can be sprayed with a replaceable wear-resistant nozzle, which can clean a large area of the mud tank;

3. Choose well-known brands for the accessories, which greatly improves the service performance and life of the equipment;

4. The whole equipment has gone through acid pickling, assisted plating, hot dip zinc, passivation and fine grinding to improve the anti-corrosion performance of the equipment;

5. The MG series mud gun can rotate 360° in all directions;

6. Reasonable structure, flexible operation and easy to use;

7. Used with high-power shear pump or sand pump, mainly to prevent mud precipitation in drilling mud tank.

KOSUN belongs to high-end equipment manufacturing industry. Through years of continuous product development and improvement, it has grown into an intensive environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprise. The company is committed to resource conservation and environmental protection, based on the manufacture of special separation machinery equipment for environmental protection, to provide solid waste treatment related products and services, in construction machinery, industrial sludge treatment, river and lake sludge treatment and disposal, soil remediation, tailings comprehensive utilization and other six application fields.

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