The Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker developed produced by KOSUN has obvious advantages.

The Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker developed produced by KOSUN has obvious advantages in dealing with high-viscosity drilling fluid. In this case, the large particles in drilling fluid can be effectively removed through the balanced elliptical motion shaker track, and the relatively mild vibration intensity can effectively reduce the consumption of the shaker.

Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker is the fourth generation of new mud shaker. In the past mud shale shaker mainly used linear shaker, but now more and more drilling companies choose balanced elliptical motion shaker.

With the development of drilling technology, drilling depth is getting deeper and deeper, and the requirement of mud is becoming more and more strict. Some complex geological conditions under the ordinary mud vibration screen cannot meet the requirements of use. And the performance of ordinary drilling vibration screen is not very stable, the effect of drilling vibration screen treatment will be different according to the drilling address and cannot adapt, often there will be some running slurry or “horseshoe effect”. The appearance of balanced elliptical motion shaker has solved these problems.

Advantages of Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker:

1. The handling capacity increases by 25%-30% compared with the linear vibrating screen;

2. Can adapt to a variety of geological conditions drilling mud recovery and purification;

3. Excitation force can be adjusted;

4. Linear vibration type has the advantages of translational elliptical vibration screen;

5. Balanced elliptic trajectory can effectively reduce the blocking phenomenon of sieve holes and ensure the sieve penetration rate;

6. Help to improve the cuttings transportation speed in viscous drilling fluid and prevent paste screen;

7. Can handle high specific gravity and high viscosity drilling fluid;

8. Longer screen life;

9. Drier cuttings;

10. Quick tensioning system, easy to replace screen.

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