The waste drilling fluid in the process of oil drilling needs to be treated with the mud zero discharge system

The mud zero discharge system, also known as the drilling waste treatment system, the cuttings mud zero discharge system, and the mud zero discharge mud processing system drilling, is to use the mud zero discharge equipment to screen out the waste in the drilling fluid.

Why should the mud be treated: the waste mud and carryover in oil and gas drilling and urban infrastructure construction, as well as the remaining mud after good completion, all need to be treated to ensure environmental safety. There are generally two types of waste pulp treatment methods: chemical (flocculation, solidification) and mechanical (sand removal, cleaning). However, the most used method in the oil drilling process is the mechanical method, that is, the mud does not fall to the ground system to deal with the waste drilling fluid.

Slurry does not fall to the ground: an important link in waste slurry treatment, which can reduce the oil content of solid particles larger than 0.5mm in the waste slurry to less than 5%, and the water content to less than 15%. The non-floating mud system can effectively control the moisture content (6%-15%) and oil content (2%-8%) of cuttings in the drilling mud, stabilize the liquid phase performance and achieve the purpose of drying the mud without falling.

The composition of the mud zero discharge system: Generally, what we call the mud zero discharge system is mostly composed of mud zero discharge equipment such as mud shale shakers, vertical cutting dryers, and centrifuges. The mud zero discharge system is divided into water-based mud zero discharge system and an oil-based mud zero discharge system according to the application.

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