Introduction to Mud Agitator and Reference for Selection

The Mud Agitator is an efficient mud mixing machine. Through customized size and configuration, it can meet the requirements of different types of mud tanks. How to choose a suitable model reasonably has become an important factor that technicians have to consider when designing.

The Mud Agitator is fixedly installed on the top of the mud tank, and the stirring rod impeller sinks into the mud. The stirring shaft and the motor are connected through a coupling, and the rated power is from 7.5 hp to 20 hp (5.5kw ~ 15kw). The selection of agitator should consider tank size, depth, and mud parameters. Generally speaking, single-layer impellers are used below 11kw, and double-layer impellers for 11kw and above. It depends on the depth of the slurry tank used on site or customer requirements.

The impeller of the Mud Agitator is fixed on the shaft by bolts to prevent the impeller from rotating and shaking during the mixing process. Normally, the impeller is installed at a height 3/4 times the diameter of the impeller from the bottom of the tank. For example, if the diameter of the impeller is 600mm, the impeller needs to be installed at a height of 450mm from the bottom of the tank. Guanneng Company recommends the use of a vertical impeller when the tank height is less than 1500mm, and an inclined impeller when the tank height is deeper. If a double-layer impeller is used, the vertical impeller is installed at the bottom, and the inclined impeller needs to be installed at 2/3 of the height of the tank bottom.

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An essential tool for drilling mud treatment – mud agitator

As the supporting equipment for tank-type solids control system of drilling fluid, KOSUN MA Series Mud Agitator is mainly used to mix and stir the drilling fluid by impeller to maintain suspension of solid particles in drilling fluid, prevent solids from settling in the tank-type circulating system and keep the circulating drilling fluid stable in performance and uniformly mixed.

KOSUN MA Series Mud Agitator mainly consists of explosion-proof motor, reducer, base and impeller assembly, the connections between the motor and reducer, as well as between the reducer and impeller shaft, are all by rigid couplings, and four blades are welded into an impeller.

MA Series Mud Agitator, developed and manufactured by KOSUN, has such advantages as simple and compact structure, high mixing efficiency, etc. This series of agitators cover complete specifications, the impellers fall into detachable and undetachable types, and both single-layer and double-layer impellers are available for your choice. The impellers can be designed according to the actual requirements of customers.