Infrastructure project mud management and Separation

With the development of the city, most of the old buildings were dismantled. After the demolition of old buildings, the construction mud or infrastructure project mud generated by construction waste problem is difficult to solve. If untreated construction mud is poured directly into farmland, the acid-base balance of the soil will be destroyed, leaving the land unable to be cultivated; if discharged into rivers, it will result in serious water pollution. How to deal with the construction mud or infrastructure project mud?( Infrastructure project mud management and Separation)

construction slurry management
construction slurry management

In the experiment of mud treatment, it is found that the construction rubbish such as concrete, brick, slag and so on has the value of reuse.They can be used as backfill earthwork, and part of topsoil can also be used for garden planting. How to solve the construction mud treatment problems? With the acceleration of the urbanization process, a large number of projects are under construction every year in the urban area, and the construction mud generated by the construction is also increasing substantially. Due to many origins, many management links and many main responsibilities, construction mud often can not be properly disposed, seriously affecting the river water quality and water environment.

There are three characteristics of construction mud or infrastructure project mud: ① large amount of mud production: Once the construction machinery started, it can produce a lot of mud in a short period of time; ② storage difficulties: the scene does not have a large volume mud pool, direct emissions can pollute the environment, cars transport costs are high, on-site processing is the best solution.

As technology continues to evolve, there are traditional sedimentation tanks for mud treatment or mechanical treatment. Sedimentation tank has a larger investment. The use of mechanical methods need to invest a certain amount of funds to purchase equipment, common mud treatment equipment, including mud dewatering shale shaker, desander, centrifuge, and the treatment effect is relatively good.

mud management equipment
mud management equipment

KOSUN mud management equipment is the best choice for construction mud or infrastructure project mud treatment with the advantages of small footprint, easy to transport, high degree of automation and control, energy saving and emission reduction! (Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)

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