The Role of Drilling Fluid Vacuum Deaerator

The drilling fluid vacuum deaerator, usually installed after the drilling fluid shale shaker, can effectively separate harmful gases in the drilling fluid mud, while maintaining the specific gravity of the mud, and protecting the sand pump and mud pump to improve the treatment effect of subsequent equipment . KOSUN vacuum deaerator adopts an autonomous slurry suction method, no additional slurry supply pump is required, and a unique infrared liquid level monitoring system is configured to ensure the continuous and safe use of the equipment.

Vacuum deaerator is a new type of special equipment used to process gas intrusion drilling fluid, also called negative pressure deaerator, which can quickly remove various gases invaded into drilling fluid, restore the specific gravity of mud and stabilize mud performance, having a very important role. At the same time, it can also be used as a high-power mud agitator, suitable for all kinds of mud circulation purification systems. This equipment is a negative pressure deaerator with a scientific and reasonable design structure, which can effectively separate gas and liquid, filter out impurities, and ensure that the exhaust pipe is always unblocked.

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