Feature and Advantages of KOSUN drill cuttings dryer

KOSUN drill cuttings dryer is a vertical centrifuge used in the treatment of drill cuttings waste at the well site, and it is also a very important equipment in the solution of mud zero discharge. It can quickly dispose of a large amount of waste sediment and reduce the oil content and water content of the discharged drill cuttings. After treatment, the oil content (OOC) of drill cuttings is below 5%, which meets the international drilling fluid and drill cuttings discharge standards and meets increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements. In addition, the vertical drill cuttings dryer can recover a large proportion of synthetic mud and oil-based mud, effectively reducing waste discharge and improving waste utilization. KOSUN vertical drill cuttings dryer can effectively recover the oily components in the drill cuttings.

Feature and Advantages of KOSUN drill cuttings dryer:

1. Ultra-high speed, which can effectively separate the liquid in the drill cuttings;

2. The assembly of the high-pressure air knife can effectively prevent the blockage of the screen basket;

3. Each replaceable optional component has passed the dynamic balance test to meet the balance of the whole machine after the replacement of the component;

4. Independent oil circuit cooling system, equipped with scientific oil tank cooling system, effectively meet the needs of use in high temperature environment;

5. The discharge port can be equipped with a screw conveyor, which is convenient for the conveying of dry drill cuttings and the continuous operation of the equipment;

6. The drum of the vertical drill cuttings dryer is made of alloy material, which can resist corrosion;

7. It is convenient and fast to use, and has a long service life, which can reduce product costs.

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