KOSUN water based mud waste disposal system

Water based mud treatment method:

It includes curing treatment, MTC technology, chemically enhanced solid-liquid separation technology, mechanical dehydration method, incineration method, spray drying method, recycling and recycling method, safe land burial method, land tillage method, desiccation field treatment, injection of safe stratum or annular space method, microbial method, etc. Among them, the emergence of water-based mud system, cracked the problem, the principle is curing treatment + separation liquid treatment, especially suitable for water-based mud treatment.

Water based mud treatment process:

Process can be divided into three part: first, abandoned water-base mud after high frequency sieve dehydration, removal of large solid phase, into the pulp slurry storage device, the solid phase after reaching high frequency dehydration dry loading pickup, liquid phase by agents after mixing, stirring, mixing using dewater sludge dewatering machine processing, degree of dry solid phase, liquid phase after up to standards for emissions. Enter the environmental separation system; Finally, the mud in the environmental separation system is separated, and the liquid is returned to the mud circulation system for use. The solid state can be used for on-site brick making or well laying.

Advantages of water based mud waste disposal system:

1. Adopting the international mainstream centrifugal separation and treatment technology under the auxiliary conditions of drugs, the main solid-liquid separation process and pharmaceutical preparation achieve continuous work and closed operation, with good system stability, low labor intensity, fewer personnel and less pharmaceutical consumption.

2. Drug preparation, flow regulation and water quality testing are all completed in the container room of drug preparation unit, which is convenient to operate, high precision of drug preparation and good working conditions, which is conducive to high quality work.

3. The curing operation adopts the combination of excavator feeding mixing and mixing with double spiral mixing conveyor and loading, which can be operated continuously, with good mixing effect and high mixing precision.

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