Drilling fluid linear vibrating screen in the processing of drilling fluid.

The linear vibrating screen USES the short or long tube vibration motor as the power source, the performance is superior, the structure is reasonable, the operation is stable, the life is long, the maintenance cost is low. Under the same conditions, compared with other types of shaker, drilling mud processing capacity is stronger, sand transport chip capacity is greater.

Purpose of linear vibrating screen: LS series vibrating screen is the first stage solid control equipment for the processing of drilling mud, which is more suitable for the occasions requiring large handling capacity. Solid particles with particle size greater than 76 microns in drilling mud can be separated. Application: large oil rig, large trenchless rig, shield engineering, river dredging engineering, etc.

Drilling fluid linear vibrating screen in the processing of drilling fluid if the phenomenon of running mud?It is understood that this is mainly related to the high solid content in the drilling fluid, mud viscosity, cuttings dispersion and other screening material factors;It is related to the condition of small vibration force, high mesh number and small screen area of drilling fluid vibrating screen.It also has a lot to do with the direction and position of the input buckle of the vibrating screen during the field installation, which can be analyzed step by step from the following points:

1. Regularly check the steering of the motor;

2. Unreasonable mesh number;

3. The formation and mud conditions affect the treatment capacity;

4. Check the amplitude of the shaker;

5. Check whether the distribution of liquid flow on the screen frame is reasonable.

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