Reuse of liquid and solid phases after treatment of waste drilling fluid

The drilling industry strictly follows the Environmental Protection Law and regulations regarding waste treatment, and it clearly states that the arbitrary discharge of waste from drilling and completion operations is strictly restricted. So in the process of drilling, we will have some questions, how to deal with the final waste? Where is it used in the end? KOSUN Environmental Protection provides solutions for drilling waste treatment!

waste drilling fluid treatment
waste drilling fluid treatment

The waste drilling fluid treatment system includes: drying shale shaker, screw pump, drill cuttings drying centrifuge, screw conveyor, and other solids control equipment that can be used for mud drying treatment. Among them, the drill cuttings drying centrifuge is the core equipment. We know that in the process of oil exploration and production, the waste will be left on the well site. These wastes are stored in the sewage pond of the well site. If the drilling waste is not treated thoroughly, it may pollute the groundwater and surface water and endanger the surrounding ecological environment.

In the process of waste drilling fluid treatment, it is processed from the source through solid control equipment-dehydration / water treatment / water recycling / filtration-mud recovery-solidification / biodegradation / thermal analysis / drilling cuttings reinjection four major steps. It reduces waste discharge, improves efficiency, and saves a lot of drilling costs. At the same time, in the reprocessing of waste, the dehydration treatment plan is fully utilized, which not only effectively recycles water resources, reduces the water content of discharged waste, reduces the volume of waste, and effectively protects the environment. Finally, the remaining solid wastes are effectively discharged through technologies such as solidification, thermal analysis, and drill cuttings reinjection. At the same time, the solidification treatment is used on land to realize the actual needs of drilling cuttings reinjection on the sea, with strong practicability and high efficiency.

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