Structure features of KOSUN vacuum degasser

During drilling operations, the gas carried by drilling fluid from the well can affect mud performance and safety, and also affect the service life of some equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to install a vacuum degasser to remove the gas concentration in the mud.

Structure features of KOSUN vacuum degasser:

1. Use vacuum pump to pump mud into the vacuum tank, and use it to make gas out of the vacuum tank, vacuum pump plays two different roles here;

2. Water ring vacuum pump is always in isothermal state in the working process, suitable for the suction of inflammable and explosive gases, with reliable safety performance;

3. The mud shoots to the four walls at high speed through the window of the rotor. The bubbles in the mud are completely broken and the degassing effect is good;

4. Main motor bias, lower machine center;

5. Adopt belt transmission to avoid complication of deceleration mechanism;

6. The use of liquid-gas separator will not cause water and gas to be discharged at the same time, so that the exhaust pipe is always unblocked.In addition, it can supply water to vacuum pump circularly, saving water.

7. The suction pipe is inserted into the slurry tank, and can be used as a high-power agitator when the slurry has no gas invasion.

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