Applications and Treatment of oil-based mud

Advantages and disadvantages of oil-based mud:

Advantages: strong inhibition, temperature, lubricity, anti-pollution ability, oil layer protection, fast mechanical drilling speed.

Disadvantages: expensive, difficult to deal with lost circulation, poor resistance to water invasion, great impact on cementing and electrical survey, environmental protection issues (inconvenient discharge), unsuitable for drilling gas exploration wells.

oil-based mud treatment equipment
oil-based mud treatment equipment

The main applications of oil-based mud:

1) Drilling complex and troublesome shale; 2) Drilling high-temperature deep wells; 3) Drilling and coring of production zones; 4) Drilling salt formations, anhydrite formations, and miscellaneous salt formations; 5) Used as drilling fluid for directional wells ; 6) Used as a drilling fluid for slim holes; 7) Drilling formations containing H2S and CO2; 8) Used as perforation and completion fluid; 9) Used as a soaking fluid for releasing jam; 10) Used as a packing fluid; 11 ) Used as workover fluid; 12) Used as anti-corrosion control fluid; 13) Used as casing packer fluid.

How to deal with oil-based waste mud?

The effective treatment technology of oil-based waste mud is firstly to pass through the drilling shale shaker, desander and desilter integrated machine, centrifuge to discharge the mixture, after conveying, secondary screening, drying, centrifugal treatment, liquid phase slurry preparation and reuse, solid after solidification, discharge, air-drying, and other technological processes, the treated mud, water and other harmless substances can be recycled and reused. The waste can be used for landfill, road paving, well site construction, etc., and no direct pollution to the environment and potential environmental hazards. The treatment rate for the harmlessness and non-grounding of the mud discharged by the well team reaches 100%.

KOSUN is a professional oil-based mud treatment equipment manufacturer. KOSUN can customize efficient and economical drilling oil-based mud treatment equipment for customers according to the customer’s project site conditions. After the oil-based waste mud is effectively treated by KOSUN’s oil-based mud recovery and treatment system equipment , It can effectively retain the secondary reinjection and utilization of useful mud, and it also reduces the damage to the surrounding environment by on-site operations and meets the national environmental protection policy requirements for waste hazards.

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