KOSUN Oil Sludge Treatment Equipment Uesd In Tahe Oilfield

Recently, KOSUN designed and produced Oil Sludge Treatment Equipment sent to Daqing to treat the oil sludge, the process using flotation method.

Oil Sludge Treatment Equipment
Oil Sludge Treatment Equipment

Effect of Oil Sludge Treatment Equipment:

(1) Environmental Evaluation: oil sludge treatment is an important part of the oilfield environmental protection. Through this technology, the impact of oil and sand on the regional environment can be eliminated.

(2) Economic Evaluation: The local environmental protection department disposes the oil sand, landfill costs about 1,000 yuan / square meter. Adopt this technology can greatly save the cost.

(3) Technical Evaluation: From the current status of sludge sanding technology, it is difficult to meet environmental standards by a single treatment technology. Tahe oilfield chemical cleaning + air flotation separation technology to treat the oil and sand, can not only recover a large amount of oil and sediment of crude oil resources, reduce environmental pollution and improve the ecological environment, but also achieve harmless, resource-based and reduction,bringing a positive environmental benefits.

Oil Sludge Treatment Equipment Features:

Daqing oilfield Oil Sludge Treatment Equipment has the characteristics of explosion-proof, anti-seepage, anti-corrosion. The treatment system uses frist stage treatment, second stage treatment, quenching and tempering, centrifuge separation, separation of oil and water separation to ensure the smooth progress of the work site.

Structure  of Oil Sludge Treatment Equipment:

Daqing oil sludge treatment system consists of frist stage treatment tank assembly, secondary tank assembly, 1 # conditioning tank assembly, 2 # conditioning tank assembly, oil and water separation tank assembly, the auxiliary pry assembly, heating pry Assembly, change, power distribution assembly eight modules and other equipment, manifold and other components.

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