KOSUN Drilling Oil-based Mud Treatment System sent to Russia

PNG has been cooperated with KOSUN since 2007. PNG is a international drilling rig company. KOSUN has maintained a good relationship with PNG. Recently, through the negotiation of both parties, PNG purchased a set of Oil-based Mud Treatment for the drilling of oil-based mud.

oil-based mud treatment system
oil-based mud treatment system

KOSUN oil-based mud treatment  system has the following characteristics:

(1) Large-capacity continuous feeding device can handle up to 40-60 tons per hour.

(2) Efficient solid-liquid separation, the drilling fluid containing liquid minimized, the treated solid phase oil content <6%. It can separat a large number of drilling fluid effectly in order to  repeated use the mud in the mud circulation system.

(3) Integrated programmable logic controller with automatic alarm and indicator to monitor temperature, torque, fuel consumption and operating time, easy to operate, safe and reliable.

(4) Foldable fence and walkways make it easy to maintain and disassemble.

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KOSUN devotes itself to resource conservation and environmental protection, provides products and services related to solid waste treatment on the basis of dedicated environmental separation mechanical equipment manufacturing, and has evolved into a comprehensive service provider of system integration, complete equipment, engineering construction, debugging & operation, and maintenance management in such six major fields as engineering machinery, industrial sludge treatment, river & lake sludge and municipal sludge disposal, soil remediation and comprehensive utilization of tailings.

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