Environmental Oil sludge treatment

Environmental Oil sludge treatment – Electric radiant heat analysis process

Thermal analysis: after Oily sludge pretreatment to achieve material uniform and most of the water can be separated, purification and discharge. The remaining residue continuous delivery to the rotary reactor through the feeder. Before the material enter into the reactor, the strong magnetic sucker above the conveyor will suck the metal debris. After into the reactor, the reactor drive motor embedded in a special shape of the blade, the rotation of the shaft, so that the material in the reactor to achieve rotation Back and forth exercise. Solid material imports and residue exports are composed of two pneumatic valves, the reactor is under a slight positive pressure, and adopted a special sealing technology to prevent intermittent feed and air leakage into the system to ensure that the system is running Security.

oil sludge treatment
oil sludge treatment

All system high-temperature area are electrically heated, the reactor operating temperature is generally 400-480 ℃, so that the material at a suitable temperature decomposition. After entering the reactor, the solid phase material is heated and dried to evaporate water. The dried solid phase material stays in the reactor for an appropriate time. The organic pollutants in the solid phase are heated to the boiling point to evaporate from the solid phase.

Condensation separation: The gas generated by the decomposition is firstly dedusted by the ceramic filter, then enters the counter-flow tube condenser, the condensate is recovered at the bottom of the column, the condensate enters the water treatment device for oil-water separation, filtration and purification, and the moisture is reused for treatment After the cooling and humidification of the dry material, the separated oil can be recycled; uncondensed gas is discharged from the top of the tower, after filtering cotton, induced draft fan, oxygen indicator, the gas volume flow meter and then back to the reactor Burning heat.

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